3 Ways Monthly Newsletters Can Support Your Massage Business


1. Keep Your Name and Availability Top of Mind: Most people book a massage spur of the moment after a long day, a terrible night's rest or an unexpected minor injury walking the dog or running around the block. There are several ways to stay in touch with former clients. Social media advertisements and posting are certainly one method of staying in touch with former clients while hopefully reaching new people in your area in need. A regular monthly newsletter delivered straight to their inbox is another. Do you ever share your weekly availability or open massage appointments via social media? You can now send those out in a way that you know will reach your previous clients, along with helpful information to help them live a healthy, active life. What's better than your name and business name making it's way to your friends, community members and former clients email each month?


2. It gives your clients context: You wouldn't post something on Facebook that says, "Come purchase this from me right now. OR Buy this product from me now." You would likely say, "Hey friends, I have taken a lot of time and energy to dedicate myself to this practice. It's very important to me and I would love the opportunity to share it with you." Similarly, when you send an email or newsletter you want it to feel thoughtful and helpful to the person you're sending it to. In addition to being valuable to your business, it's increasingly important to go a step further and engage with the people who you share your practice with--share recipes and massage techniques or de-stress tips that are a nice surprise when they open your newsletter.

3. Depth + Authenticity = Lasting Connection: In addition to helpful content and keeping your name and business top of mind for your clients, your monthly newsletter also allows you the space to connect on another level. You can add coupons, giveaways and special offers alongside the content that you create (or that you allow us to create), which make your client feel that they're valuable to you and your practice. Share opportunities and special details that aren't available through your social media channels or any other outlet. Your clients will thank you for it and will likely continue to open your newsletters with intrigue each month.